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Orange Art Party story

Orange Art Party Story is nothing but a love story of Art and Fun. It has happened because I’m in love with the concept of collaborative art. It is so beautiful, the way people from different background come together to create art together. It brings me so much of happiness to be a part of this crazily awesome creative idea. So much so, that, I heard me telling myself, “Collaborative art thing is so cool, so happy, so inspiring, with so much of possibilities; how can I incorporate it into our popular culture, so that more and more people can enjoy this super experience?”  This was the beginning.

Incidentally, a few weeks back, in March ’17, I got interested in the idea of art parties. In fact, at this point I was pretty much sure, I was going to combine art and entertainment. “How about adding art to the regular fun parties? How can I make people bond with each other through visual art, while they’re having fun?” I asked myself.

At the same time, I happened to come across a picture of some 15-20 people posing with identical looking paintings at some art party. Then I checked out over a dozen websites who host art parties in various parts of the world and saw the exactly similar images of a group of people holding the identical paintings and posing for pictures. “Why are they holding so many similar looking paintings, when they can co-create one big painting? Why are so many people painting separately when they are painting at the same place? Why can’t they paint together and have more fun? Won’t that spread more love? Won’t that add more life to the party? Won’t that create unlimited happiness?

Orange Art Party is the answer to all these questions. It’s a combination of collaborative art and fun. It celebrates life, it inspires human bonding. Art improves the quality of life and entertainment.

Let’s spread some happiness around. Can’t wait to party with awesome people like you! 🙂