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Hi, have you had a Private art party or a Corporate art event before? No? Contact Orange Art Party. We will come to your place / Office completely free of charge. You invite your friends, family over at your place or gather your team in the office. Have some snacks and drinks as you wish. And we do the rest. We bring the Art Party to you. Set it up for you and you are ready to have an awesome collaborative arty fun time. Socialize with friends or get to know your team member better as you find your creative juices flowing all through the party.

So by tentatively picking a date to invite us to party with you, you are going to enjoy an amazing human bonding experience through this collaborative art party.

Sounds like a lot of fun? Contact Orange Art Party. Simply Drop us a line or call us on +91 987 145 5790 and we will be happy to share a crazily amazing party experience with you 🙂