Orange Art Party is a combination of collaborative art and music

We promote 'Art for everyone' and improve lives through human bonding

We're the only collaborative art party service in Delhi Gurugram


One canvas. So much fun

Collaborative art party is a unique combination of collaborative art and music. At Orange Art Party, our mission is to bridge cultural differences by spreading the message of love, unity and happiness and to promote human bonding. We believe, collaborative art has the power to create a positive world in and around us.


Discover and enjoy the collaborative art experience

Orange Art Party is one of the very few creative party services in the world, which offers its participants the unique opportunity to co-create art with strangers, friends, family and colleagues. And the best part is that, you don’t need any experience to attend our parties. If you can hold a brush, you are going to have a blast! Because our professional artist friends are going to help you find your creative juices flowing all along the party!



We offer two kinds of art parties:

  1. Private parties
  2. Corporate events

So if you’re going to have a corporate team bonding ice breaker party or throwing a relationship building party to one of your clients or throwing a holiday party or planning to have a private party at your place in Delhi or Gurugram, let it be a collaborative art party. It’s altogether fresh, holistic, doesn’t drain energy, rather something that improves lives.

So, next time you want to let your hair down with your folks, let a fresh art party come to your place or office or even outdoor.

We can’t wait to have an awesome collaborative art experience with you guys 🙂